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Staff 1 Robotics Intro - The Movie Your Task: Protecting the Castle Staff 1
Cool Robot - Check it out!


Building Your First Robot (Click Image on Left) Building Your Second Robot (Click Image on Right)
Challenges #1 - #6 Getting Your 'Bot movin'
Challenges #7 - #13 Touch & Ultrasonic Sensors and Spin Moves
Challenges #14 - #17 Seeing the Light (Light Sensor)
Challenges #18 - #25 Putting it all together using Swithc Bolcks



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This is a fantastic website for selecting and building Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 Projects. Twenty four projects along with building and programming instructions all reside here! Some of the projects even include video footage of the vehicles and robots in action. The site also includes information on the difficulty of building each project as well as information on the challenge of programming each. This is a great site to begin.








While not as easy to navigate as nxtprograms.com, Lego Mindstorms' site has a host of projects and building instructions. You need to download instructions in order to each project. There are also project examples built by users of Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0. Click on the Project Choices on the left to look at a plethora of possible building projects. In fact, our first building project can be found here as well. This is the NXT 1.0 Project site. This is a great site for additional robots.





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For advanced Mindstorm builders who have completed at least 20 class challenges, here are the instructions for building and flying a drone.